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We're Green Globe Award winners!


We're excited to be able to share that Murrumbidgee Landcare's Cross Property project has just been announced as the winner of the "Natural Environment" Award in the 2016 Green Globe Awards. The Green Globe Awards are the leading environmental recognition program for NSW, celebrating excellence, leadership and innovation in sustainability.

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Champions of Change - Farmers and their Paddock Trees

The humble paddock tree is a familiar sight across the farming landscape. Often hundreds of years in age, these landscape giants provide valuable shelter for livestock, crops, pastures, and wildlife. Unfortunately, the number of paddock trees is declining across Australia, due to age, isolation, fire damage, and other stresses. 

However, many farmers are seeking to address this decline, by protecting their existing trees, and encouraging the growth of new paddock trees on their properties. Murrumbidgee Landcare has launched a new video featuring some of the inspiring work being done by farmers to arrest the decline in paddock trees and nurture future generations. The video includes footage from across the Murrumbidgee Catchment, and is punctuated by some lighthearted behind-the-scenes bloopers.

The Cross Property Project Nest Box Program

Mammals such as sugar gliders, squirrel gliders and phascogales need hollows for shelter for nesting and breeding.  However, in revegetated areas with few mature trees  there are not enough natural hollows to support populations of these animals.  In these situations, nest boxes can provide a means of survival for the animals until sufficient natural hollows develop.

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Tarcutta Landcare Looking to the Future

Did you know that the Tarcutta Landcare Group have been active in the community for over 25 years? In that time they have completed more than 40 major environmental projects on both privately and publicly owned land - now, that is a real achievement! I know that much of this work is often done unnoticed or forgotten, but the work done by landcarers has made a real difference to the landscape that we live and work in today. Recently, the activities of Landcare in the Tarcutta area have been sustained by the efforts of an active but reduced number of individuals as part of Murrumbidgee Landcare’s Cross Property Planning Project, facilitated by Nicole Maher and Jacinta Christie. This project is on track to finish in June 2017.

Help wanted with rabbit sample collection

Seeking wild rabbit and hare samples: Following the recent outbreak of RHDV2 in rabbits, now also detected in hares (http://www.oie.int/wahis_2/public/wahid.php/Reviewreport/Review?page_refer=MapFullEventReport&reportid=20384), invasive animal researchers are requesting samples from dead wild rabbits and hares. 

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National Feral Cat Control Survey

You are invited to participate in a survey about feral cat control in Australia. The information provided in this survey will help generate a better understanding of feral cat management in Australia, including how to make improvements.
This survey is being conducted by Mr Richard Faulkner, Dr Georgia Garrard and Associate Professor Sarah Bekessy at RMIT University, and has been approved by the RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee. This research project is funded by the Australian Government.
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Young Farmer Business Project

The Young Farmer Business Project survey, which was run recently, received 509 responses. For a snapshot of the results, click here.

As part of the initiative, an information hub is being developed to provide business support resources using digital platforms that meet the needs of our younger generation of farmers.

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Support available for quad bike safety

SafeWork NSW has developed a Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program, due to commence in late July that will include a $2 million dollar rebate package to encourage and support farmers to adopt a range of harm prevention strategies to protect their workers, family members and themselves. 

Quad bikes are currently a leading cause of death on Australian properties with 220 deaths in the past 16 years with thousands more people seriously injured

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Survey of Australian Farmers Regarding the Use of Big Data in Ag

Big Data in Agriculture - what is it? What is the potential and what are the pitfalls?  Your chance to have your say. 
Gina Wood, a PhD researcher at the School of Law in the University of New England, is running a survey “Big Data in Primary Production - What Do Farmers Know and Not Know, Do and Not Do, Concerning Farm Data in Australia?" to find out what farmers think about Big Data and related technologies - is it a powerful tool to help farmers or more empty promises and hyped-up words?  A means to improve productivity or a step towards dependency on suppliers?  A way to make better decisions on farm or a loss of control?  
Ms Wood encourages all farmers to fill out her anonymous online 15-minute questionnaire whether you are familiar with "Big Data" or know nothing about it.  Your answers are vital in helping to determine how Big Data and its associated technologies can be best put to use for the benefit of primary producers in Australia.

Silverleaf Nightshade Case Study: Paul McCardell - Murrami, New South Wales

Paul has seen some promising results to the 'dual action' approach implemented in 2014 to control silvernight nightshade on his 75-hectare irrigation block, near Leeton in the MIA.  Click on the attached file to read more.

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