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Mates Gully Creek open day - Tarcutta

14 Jun 2018 - 9:30am
Following successful completion of a range of sediment control works in Mates Gully Creek, we would like to invite you to come along and check it out!
There will be visits to a number of key sites and discussions on sub-catchment drainage issues. On display will be:
  • Stream grade control structures
  • Gully control structures
  • Sub-catchment control works
  • Revegetation
  • Habitat management works for endangered species such as Swift Parrots.
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ACT Woodlands Forum - Canberra

27 Jun 2018 - 6:30pm
The ACT Woodlands Forum will bring together scientists, researchers, practitioners and community groups to share knowledge and learnings about woodlands and woodland species in our region. The forum will include invited speakers on a variety of topics and will also include speed talks and poster presentations, aimed at sharing knowledge from new researchers, community based science and outcomes from on-ground projects.
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Lunch with Charles Massy - Humula

29 Jun 2018 - 12:00pm


Hay Inc Rural Education Program

Young people with an interest in agriculture can gain hands-on experience through the Hay Inc Rural
Education training program!
Hay Inc is now taking expressions of interest for the next intake of the rural education program, to commence in
February 2019.
For more information, check out the website, or contact Hay Inc at info@hayinc.com.au, or 0439 938 119.

Innovation Generation conference - Wagga

9 Jul 2018 - 8:30am
Innovation Generation is the year’s best opportunity for under 35s in the grains industry to network, learn and be inspired. Over two and a half days the conference will bring together growers, agribusiness professionals, industry pioneers and innovators to explore a diverse range of issues, ideas and opportunities.
The theme for this year is Building Blocks for Success. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore topics such as:
  • The dos & don’ts of succession planning
  • Financing options for your business
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    Sandhills Artefacts at Narrandera and a revegetation site in the Murrumbidgee Valley National Park

    Thanks to Michael Lyons from Sandhills Artefacts and Glenn Currie for a great time on Saturday the 26th May 2018.

    Michael is a very lucky bloke, he has two sheds which he very kindly guided us through, showing us in the first shed how he takes raw wood and turns them into magnificent didgeridoos (Boomerangs and Coolamons) by soaking the branches in water, debarking, hollowing it out on his lathe where required, sanding, polishing and painting.

    Michael treated us to some tunes on didgeridoo’s he had made, including Waltzing Matilda as well as bird calls such as the Boobook Owl, a Rooster (white man alarm clock) and Kookaburra.

    Behind the first shed on the river flats Michael showed us some plants including “Old Man Weed” (Common name: Sneeze weed: Centipeda cunninghamii) this is a medicine plant for a wide range of health problems including eczema and arthritis. There was a tree carving of the goanna which is the Wiradjuri totem as well as a scar tree where a Coolamon had been made from the bark of the tree.

    On the way to Michael’s second shed we saw winter and summer humpies, the second shed was a treasure trove of old and new artefacts including grinding stones, fire starting stones, hunting boomerangs, fighting shields, payback (law enforcement) shields, message sticks, soap stone, emu eggs, possum skins, kangaroo skins made into a rug which would be good for the footy, which Virginia tried on. Michael made a phone call on his Bull Roarer, we assumed he rang Betty Bradney, as she knows how to make these out of school rulers.

    Bridges to Boorowa - Opportunity for landholders to receive volunteer help on your property!

    September is fast approaching and Boorowa Community Landcare Group is preparing for their 19th annual "Bridges to Boorowa" weekend. 
    Volunteers from the North Sydney Bushcare team will be coming to Boorowa for the weekend of 7-9 September 2018 to help local land managers plant trees on their properties.
    Boorowa Community Landcare is looking for local land managers who would like to:
    • Have volunteers plant on their properties on the weekend (a contribution to catering will be requested from participating land managers); or
    • Help the Boorowa Landcare committee by either doing some home made baking, manning a barbeque for a sausage sizzle in the paddock, giving directions, towing a trailer or showing the North Sydney volunteers some good old fashioned country hospitality.

    Visiting a Bush Block with the Indigenous Owners

    Participants being given an introduction before setting off to explore the block - Virginia Tarr

    On the 28th April 6 MFN members joined Gary Currey from the NPWS and local members of the Griffith Aboriginal Lands Council to assist with an informal flora and fauna survey of an approx. 30 acre site they own on Mallinson Road Griffith.

    GALC hopes to develop a baseline species list for the site and this autumn survey will be followed by another in the spring. Eventually they plan to conduct a cultural burn and follow up with another survey six months hence.  They have been advised by the Rural Fire Service the site hasn't burnt for 50 years so there's potentially a big seed bank waiting to regenerate. They also hope to manage the Prickly Pear and revegetate and rehabilitate the fire trail to reduce erosion.

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