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Junee Area Landcare Network

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Junee Area Landcare Network

The Junee Area Landcare Network (JALN) is an incorporated network of Landcare groups in the Junee region. The network area covers the Junee Shire, and a small part of the Coolamon and Wagga Wagga Shires (see attached map, below).

The network includes Wantiool, Coffin Rock, Harefield, Merrybidinyah, Junee Urban, Junee Reefs, Winchendonvale, Wantabadgery, and Downside Landcare areas.


Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of JALN are:

  • To address issues which affect on-farm and wider catchment environmental sustainability,
  • To coordinate local natural resource management activities through effective project management,
  • To educate the community on best practice farming, and
  • To inspire the community by providing information on wildlife and improving biodiversity.



The issues JALN is working on include:

  • Reversing tree decline
  • Tackling dryland salinity, by lowering the water table, and establishing perennial pastures
  • Addressing soil acidity
  • Controlling soil erosion
  • Offering public environmental education
  • Improving on-farm sustainability, through best practice cropping and grazing
  • Improving biodiversity, by providing wildlife corridors, fox baiting, conserving and extending existing remnant vegetation, direct seeding, adding understorey to existing tree plots, and installing nest boxes to overcome a lack of established trees.


Contact information

Chair: Skye Bellamy

Secretary and Treasurer: Maria Turner



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