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Lower Murrumbidgee Catchment

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The Lower Murrumbidgee Catchment Landcare Network no longer exists and the old Griffith Urban Landcare group folded years ago. There is still some interest in Landcare activity in the region which includes the towns of Griffith, Leeton and Coleambally. Most Landcare type activities are organised by, or with, Joanne Tarbit (Environmental Planner, Griffith City Council). The Coleambally Landcare group has recently been resurrected and the Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists are based in Leeton. Although not a landcare group the latter will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year and the group has some very knowledgeable members with a passion for the natural environment in the Murrumbidgee river region. The Lachlan Fold Wildlife Action Group (LFWAG) is based in the Rankin Springs area and this group's focus is on increasing habitat and nesting sites for the Glossy Black Cockatoo species. They also produce a very good newsletter.

The Griffith City Council Environment & Sustainability Committee has replaced the Built & Natural Environment committee (some historical information below).

Contact the Regional Landcare Facilitator for further information on activity and groups in this area.


Regional Landcare Facilitator
ph: 6933 1443

Email: rlf@mli.org.au

Griffith City Council Environment and Sustainability Committee (Previously GCC Built and Natural Environment Committee)

  • Council has held tree planting days in conjunction with Planet Arc National Tree Day continuously over the past decade.  More recent sites have included Lake Wyangan, City Park, Yenda Public School, Citrus Road, Nericon and Campbell's Swamp, Waugh Street Scenic Hill and near the water tower on Scenic Hill.  Future plantings are proposed for Citrus Road.  
  • Council also commenced participation in Bushcare's Big Day Out last year, cleaning up Nericon Swamp in 2013.
  • Council actively seeks funding for weed control in environmental zones and has targeted Prickly Pear and African Boxthorn over the previous three years at Scenic Hill, Campbell's Swamp, Nericon Swamp, Jack Carson Reserve and Tharbogang Swamp.

Council actively seeks funding for revegetation works and has carried out works since 2008 at Campbell's Swamp, Nericon Swamp, Scenic Hill, Kidman Way (south of Mirrool Creek),  Frogs Hollow and Boorga Road.  Later in 2014 will be carrying out revegetation works at the Tharbogang Swamp. 

Coleambally Landcare 

As a result of a report written in late 2005 several sites were selected as being high priority for revegetation projects and a funding application was submitted in 2006. The application was successful and works are now underway.

This project is progressing well with 3 of the 4 sites planted.

  1. Eulo Road - 2,880 seedlings in a 5 row stretch from Anderson Road to just past Donald Ross Drive, a distance of 2 kms.
  2. Ski Fleet Gravel Reserve on Main Canel Rd., 500 seedlings.
  3. Kidman Way 960 seedlings in 2 rows for a distance of 1.3 km. The seedlings are interspersed with the existing Boree.

All plantations have been established with minimum disturbance as all sites have a reasonable amount of indigenous ground cover present. The fourth plantation, on Gilbert Road, will be established next season due to issues with channel seepage in the area.

More recently (June 2013) Coleambally Landcare Group has been successful in obtaining NSW Environmental Trust funding for the control of pest animals (foxes, rabbits) and noxious weeds (horehound and African boxthorn) and also for revegetation work on private property, LHPA reserves and CIBRT reserve. 

Three Ways Landcare 

The group are currently awaiting confirmation that they have received funding as part of the Environmental Trust's Protecting our Places Program. The project will run for 2 years and includes establishing a bush tucker garden, other areas of vegetation and several murals. The idea is to develop pride in the area and the project is seen as an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange. The project will compliment a joint Murrumbidgee Irrigation, Griffith City Council and Griffith Lands Council project to beautify the area.

Griffith City Council Built and Natural Landcare Committee

"Bring back the Glossy Black" This project has been completed with the planting of 300 Hill Oaks on Scenic Hill as part of the National Tree Day in June. The project to provide Glossy Black Cockatoo habitat on Scenic Hill was a four year project funded by the Natural Heritage Trust, Envirofund. Over 2000 seedlings have been hand planted on the stony Hill, by the committee and members of the public.

A grant of $276,500 from MCMA, for 07/08 has been allocated to Griffith City Council to implement Urban Salinty projects. Some of the actions undertaken this year:

  • Monthly Monitoring of Ground water sites using 22 Piezometers.
  • A Basic Plant Booklet listing plant species has been completed.
  • Direct seeding was carried out in the following sites
  • Pelican Shores, 3.5 km over 2 ha.
  • Campbell's Swamp, 13.5km over 10ha.
  • Nericon Swamp, 18km over 13ha.
  • Waugh Street, 3km over 3ha site. As part of Planet Ark tree Day, students from Griffith Public School planted 44 Hill Oaks and helped clean up rubbish on this site.




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