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EH Graham Centre - Weed Management Field Day

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The Graham Centre will host a Weed Management Field Day on Thursday 18th October to showcase new research tactics for improved weed management in cropping and mixed farming systems. These include both chemical and non-chemical strategies to reduce threats of herbicide resistance.

The Centre’s weed research team is currently investigating the best combinations of chemical, physical and biological weed control strategies to manage major weed populations and to reduce weed seed banks. Strategies are aimed at reducing reliance on herbicides and improving the efficacy of herbicides through improved timing and application strategies.

The field day provides an opportunity for farmers, advisors and consultants to be updated on two major research projects:

* A project funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation is targeting the development of herbicide resistance among major weeds in cropping systems in southern NSW, including annual ryegrass, wild oats and wild radish.

* Silverleaf nightshade and prairie ground cherry, two deep-rooted summer perennial weeds that threaten crop and pasture production in NSW and Victoria are the focus of a project funded by Meat and Livestock Australia.

Venue:Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, Pine Gully Road, Wagga Wagga
Time:2.00pm until 5.00pm.

Further information: Tel (02) 6938 1667, dlemerle@csu.edu.au

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