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Erosion control options & recommendations

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Erosion reportThis report was prepapred by Cam Wilson (from Earth Integral) to accompany the Oberne site visit in June 2014, as part of the Murrumbidgee Landcare Cross-property project.


Many solutions exist to combat erosion, and a wide range of materials can be utilised. In this report, to reduce costs for the landholder, suggestions are made utilising locally available materials where possible.

Timber and brush is one of the most readily available local materials, with stands of native regrowth the most abundant source, and coppiced/removed exotics such as willows and poplars another good option.

While providing a source of erosion repair material, studies have shown that the thinning of dense stands of native regrowth can actually improve a number of aspects of woodland by increasing the individual growth rate of trees and improving biodiversity in the understorey. Contact your local land services about allowable thinning rates under current legislation.

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Funded by Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc. Cross property planning (CPP) project through the Australian Government Clean Energy Future Fund and NSW Environmental Trust

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