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Good Governance for Community Groups workshop - Young

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15 Feb 2018 - 11:00am
This workshop aims to inspire an awareness for Landcarers (and other community groups) of what good governance is, and demystify how to do it. Governance is much under-appreciated and either feared or regarded as boring, particularly for people who like to focus on outcomes, as many landcarers do! So Lachlandcare has engaged one of the best presenters available on this topic - Mr Steven Bowman.
The workshop will focus on discussing the theme of conscious governance, particularly in the context of Landcare and other small community groups.
You will learn how to:
  • Create your groups future – how to develop and use a strategic plan, in plain English!
  • Create a strong culture to ensure successful community groups
  • Upskill your committee members with powerful tools

Tickets cost $100, and can be booked online.
The Auditorium
Young Services Club
45 Cloete Street Young
Further information
Please email: admin@lachlandcare.org.au or call Anne on: 0421 674 840
About the presenter
Mr Steven Bowman is a well-known and very well respected expert in not-for-profit governance. Steven’s consultancy, Conscious Governance is a global, independent advisory service for nonprofit Boards, CEOs and directors, which provides strategic planning, board governance, leadership and risk management consulting services. It works with organizations across virtually all sectors and provide resources, guidance and online programs that help promote strong governance practices. In delivering services, they try to inspire greater strategic awareness within an organization, opening up new ways to better serve the wider community.
What is conscious governance?
Conscious Governance, in its widest sense, refers to running an organization with conscious awareness. No amount of internal procedure, structure, policies, quality control or internal audits will compensate for Board members who do not consciously govern!
The Conscioius Governance website explains “many governance practices that still prevail in most organizations today have their roots in the 19th century. Some people still see governing as “making policies” that the CEO and staff carry out. It has a tendency towards prescription and conformance with governance systems. This conventional governance was built to maximize efficiency by minimizing deviations from standard practices. Conscious Governance, in its widest sense, refers to running an organization with conscious awareness.

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