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Hay Inc Rural Education Program

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Young people with an interest in agriculture can gain hands-on experience through the Hay Inc Rural
Education training program!
Hay Inc is now taking expressions of interest for the next intake of the rural education program, to commence in
February 2019.
For more information, check out the website, or contact Hay Inc at info@hayinc.com.au, or 0439 938 119.

What is the Hay Inc Rural Education Program?
The program was launched in 2014 to address the dwindling numbers of jackaroos and jillaroos training on properties. Supported by Australian Wool Innovation, Hay Inc. gives young people the opportunity to learn the
practical agricultural skills needed for them to get jobs on rural properties.
Hay Inc is enthusiastic and focused on providing a unique and sustainable “on-farm set of skills” through a “hands on” practical mode of training and is committed to mentoring and networking and encouraging people to
become involved in the agricultural industry.
What does the program involve?
(a) Training courses
Topics covered are based around the production calendar for sheep, wool and cattle. Funding and in-kind support keep the cost to students minimal for the 15 days training with some on farm accommodation and meals also supplied.
The program comprises a three-week course, delivered in three blocks of five days, spread over a five-month period (February, March and June). It is focused on wool and livestock production (both sheep and cattle) and is
delivered in partnership with local woolgrowers through trainers with extensive experience. Some of the
training is also delivered by TOCAL trainers and AWI shearer trainers.
Some examples of the courses covered include:
  • Wool Harvesting & Handling
  • Rural WH & S
  • First Aid
  • Small Engine and motor bike maintenance
  • Livestock water maintenance
  • Lamb management and identification procedure post lambing
  • Yard Work & Sheep Handling
  • Merino Sheep Evaluation (Classing), Prime Lamb Assessment & Pregnancy Scanning
  • Sheep Dog Training, Working & Maintenance
  • Cattle Evaluation & Handling
  • Rural Fencing - Construction & Maintenance
(b) Work placement / traineeship (optional)
Hay Inc have also incorporated an Ag Gap placement program for those interested in working (Jackaroo/Jillaroo) on properties in the Hay district, whilst taking part in the training program - this can be for 3, 6 or 12 months (this is worked out between the employer and worker). There can also be traineeship opportunities within this program.
Who is the program for?
Hay Inc. is a great opportunity for school leavers who want to gain skills, learn with a group of other like-minded young people, gain industry networks and mentoring from people with vast industry knowledge and skills. It is also suited to those that may want to transfer to work in agriculture from other industries. It is also suitable for those back working on the family farm who may want to enhance their skills and expand their networks. University students have also enjoyed taking part in the program to add to their knowledge, and gain benefits from the mentoring and networking.
The program has built an Alumni network of the 52 participants that have taken part so far. This provides a great network, keeping past participants informed of opportunities in agriculture, and continue support and mentoring.

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