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Water for Wildlife in the Wah Wah District - management guides

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In the Wah Wah region, north of Hay, major changes to how stock and domestic water is delivered are underway. To generate water savings, channels and ground tanks are being replaced with pipelines and troughs. Since 2011, Murrumbidgee Landcare has been working closely with local landholders to address their concerns about the loss of habitat associated with the replacement of the old system. The focus has been on the ground tanks but the region also contains significant natural wetlands. Thanks to a $9000 grant from the Norman Wettenhall Foundation, five management guides have been developed for some of the most important Wah Wah wetlands.  

These management guides have been developed by the landholders, in conjunction with Wildlife Ecologist Matt Herring, as a key first step in facilitating positive future actions. They highlight the significance of each site and incorporate a range of ideas to benefit wildlife and native vegetation, from the removal of impediments to flow and delivery of environmental water, to fencing for grazing management and weed control programs. A field day showcasing the proposed works is being planned for later in 2016.

(NB. These are large files and may take a while to download)


Map showing the site locations



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